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The Sex and the City Stamping Community

swear it on chanel?

Sex and the City Rating Community
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Hello! You have stumbled upon the Sex in the City Rating Community! My name is Lindsay and I am the moderator. If you have any questions, you can email me at justinz_1fan@yahoo.com.

♥♥The Rules♥♥

001. This is a community mainly for fun. Looks don’t really play a huge part in this stamping community. It’s not necessary to post a picture, but sometimes its fun to see who’s writing the application!
002. Please, no flaming or rude comments. Feel free to email me at justinz_1fan@yahoo.com if anything happens.
003. You will be stamped after 5 votes. If you don't accumulate enough votes to be stamped, after two weeks have passed since you applied, you will be stamped with the character for which you got the most votes.
004. y0u kant right LIeK tH!s, and if you do I may delete your post.
005. If you join this community, please vote on others! It keeps the community going!
006. When you vote, please put it in bold.
007. Please, no half-votes (example: 1/2 charlotte 1/2 miranda).
008. You must be 14 and up.
009. Write “Who cares what you are - just enjoy it!” in the subject line, so I know you read the rules.
010. Don’t say who your favorite is, it may sway the vote.
011. Please put your app. behind the lj-cut.
012. You don't have to be stamped yet to vote.

That’s about it! Scroll down for the application


Your pet peeves:
What’s your career? If your still in school, then say what your dream job is:
Favorite things:
Any obsessions?
How would you describe your personal style?
How do you feel about romance or relationships?
If you could visit one place, where would it be?
What’s your favorite quote and why?

With these, put an X next to the ones that pertain to you (and please be honest!):
[ ]You are a happy person.
[ ]You are on the quiet/shy side.
[ ]You are scatter-brained.
[ ]Your a sexy flirt
[ ]You are a dominant individual.
[ ]You are physically strong.
[ ]Others find you intimidating.
[ ]You are naive.
[ ]You tend to be coy
[ ]You are considered "cold-hearted" at times.
[ ]You are sarcastic.
[ ]You are a determined individual.
[ ]You are well known in your community.
[ ]You are artsy.
[ ]You are conniving.

Anything else we should know?

Any pics (keep it at a max of 3) ? If not just describe how you look:



Sex and the City is Love.