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Who cares what you are - just enjoy it!

Name: Anna
Age: 23
Sex: Female
Hobbies/Talents: Hobbies include looking after my dogs, going to the cinema, watching an indecent amount of TV, daydreaming and working on my writing. Talents? I'm pretty musical, I'm comfortable with all kinds of technology, I'm good at analysing literature, I'm good with animals, I'm an objective and consistent thinker. I'm adaptable, I can cope in many different situations.
Your pet peeves: Clingy, co-dependent people. People who whine and compain all the time. Incompetence in a job. People who don't question things or use their brains. And y'know, racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia...
What’s your career? If you're still in school, then say what your dream job is: Right now I work part time as an administrative assisstant in a primary school, but my dream job is to be a novelist. I'd also really enjoy contributing to magazines and other publications. My short term goal, with regards to earning a wage while I 'get good' at writing, is to be involved in libraries and bringing learning and literature to the community.
Favorite things: Dogs, pasta, old books, antiques, trees, the countryside, autumnal colours, traveling, jeans, learning.
Any obsessions? My life is spent jumping from obsession to obsession, it's scary. I'm generally a bit obsessed with all the TV shows I watch, of which there are many. I'm kind of obsessed with celebrities, modeling and the fashion industry right now, but that's a short term thing, I'm sure. Fandom-wise I'm particularly loyal to Jossverse and Harry Potter. I'm also pretty into keeping fit.
How would you describe your personal style? I tend towards more of a classic look with a boho twist. I love my jeans, tailored jackets, plain well-cut tops and muted colours. I like interesting, one-off pieces of jewellery or accessories. I don't really follow fashion because my body type doesn't suit a lot of the clothes, although I'm loving the current trend for nipped-in waists. Every now and then I'll wear a long, flowing skirt or a little '40s-style dress but most of the time my personal style has more to do with simplicity, comfort, practicality and how well it suits my body.
How do you feel about romance or relationships? I'm kind of romatically challenged, but then who isn't? I have a tendency to expect too much from men, and while I think high standards are a good thing, mine can be a little disabling. I have old-fashioned tendencies, in that I might like the idea of being bought things or looked after, but I wouldn't enjoy those things as part of a general lifestyle because I need equality in a relationship, if that makes sense. I'm not sure I see myself getting married and I probably don't want children because I don't like the idea of giving up so much of my time. I've been told that, while friendly and accomodating on a superficial level, I'm actually quite difficult to get to know.
If you could visit one place, where would it be? Yikes, so many places, I love to travel! Somewhere I've never been but I would really love to visit is St Petersburg in Russia. I love the culture and the history and the city is where my parents first met.
What’s your favorite quote and why? I'm not one for quotes but I like this one for how I'm feeling right now:
"Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be."
- Abraham Lincoln

With these, put an X next to the ones that pertain to you (and please be honest!):
[ ]You are a happy person.
[x]You are on the quiet/shy side.
[x]You are scatter-brained.
[x]You're a sexy flirt
[ ]You are a dominant individual.
[ ]You are physically strong.
[ ]Others find you intimidating.
[ ]You are naive.
[x]You tend to be coy
[ ]You are considered "cold-hearted" at times.
[x]You are sarcastic.
[ ]You are a determined individual.
[ ]You are well known in your community.
[x]You are artsy.
[x]You are conniving.

Anything else we should know?
Nothng I can think of.

Any pics (keep it at a max of 3)? If not just describe how you look:
I love how I look drunk in all these pictures when I was in fact stone-cold sober.

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