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“Who cares what you are - just enjoy it!”

Age: 21  
Sex: Chick
Hobbies/Talents: photography. journaling, sports, hopping into the car with no destination in mind
Your pet peeves: Ignorant, arrogant, and rude people annoy the hell out of me.
What’s your career? If your still in school, then say what your dream job is: I'm currently in school working on my BA in political science and eventually I want to become a government teacher or a child advocate
Favorite things: my husband, cat, the kids I work with, meeting new people, traveling
Any obsessions? Starbucks and coffee in general
How would you describe your personal style? Conservative tomboyish with a girlie kick
How do you feel about romance or relationships? It takes time, sometimes you have to date a "million" jerks just to find that nice guy that sweeps you off you feet and treats you the way that you deserve.
If you could visit one place, where would it be? Europe again
What’s your favorite quote and why? "Life isn't about every breath you take but every breath life takes away." I think it's from the movie Hitch. It's my favorite because life is a big adventure waiting to be explore and it's about the big and little things that it has to offer

With these, put an X next to the ones that pertain to you (and please be honest!):
[ x]You are a happy person.
[ ]You are on the quiet/shy side.
[ x]You are scatter-brained.
[ x]Your a sexy flirt
[ x]You are a dominant individual.
[ x]You are physically strong.
[ ]Others find you intimidating.
[ x]You are naive.
[ x]You tend to be coy
[ ]You are considered "cold-hearted" at times.
[ x]You are sarcastic.
[ x]You are a determined individual.
[ x]You are well known in your community.
[ ]You are artsy.
[ ]You are conniving.

Anything else we should know?
I'm a nice person but if you hurt me I will hurt you more.
Any pics (keep it at a max of 3) ? If not just describe how you look:

The only pic that i have online right now and it just so happens the hubby took it.

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