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who cares what you are - just enjoy it!

Name: Justine
Age: 14 almost 15
Sex: Female
Hobbies/Talents: Performing Arts aka singing dancing and acting. oh and of course shopping.

Your pet peeves: really loud people, traffic and headaches.

What’s your career? If your still in school, then say what your dream job is: Well, obviously im still in school but my dream job is either an Actress or a personal stylist.

Favorite things: Broadway, NYC, Stars, Shoes, Pink.

Any obsessions? FRIENDS(the show) and black&white things.

How would you describe your personal style? My personal style is kinda everywhere lol. I love black & white together but i also love color for a pop. I get my style from fashion magazines aka INstyle & Seventeen and if i like a celebrities outfit i usually try to create my own of it. But im also a very preppy teenage girl that likes American Eagle & Hollister.

How do you feel about romance or relationships? I think love is wonderful. Im definitely a hopeless romantic. My first real relationship just ended a few months ago and I think that it was an amazing experience.

If you could visit one place, where would it be? California. Lame, i know. But ive never been there and it seems like such an exciting place to go. Plus my mom & aunt used to live there so I want to see what it would be like. Plus im a beach bum after living in Florida for my life.

What’s your favorite quote and why? "A tiger in a cage can never see the sun, this Diva needs her stage. Baby lets have fun!"- RENT

With these, put an X next to the ones that pertain to you (and please be honest!):
[X ]You are a happy person.
[X can be ]You are on the quiet/shy side.
[ ]You are scatter-brained.
[ ]Your a sexy flirt
[ ]You are a dominant individual.
[ ]You are physically strong.
[ ]Others find you intimidating.
[X ]You are naive.
[ ]You tend to be coy
[ ]You are considered "cold-hearted" at times.
[X ]You are sarcastic.
[ ]You are a determined individual.
[X]You are well known in your community.
[X]You are artsy.
[ ]You are conniving.

ummm i only have one pic...
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I'm the one on the left!

PLease stamp me!

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